Welcome to: I Want to Be a Performer!

So you’ve decided to be an actor? A singer? Or a dancer? Huh… If you want to be a performer, have you ever noticed that it’s pretty much impossible to figure out what your training options even ARE once you leave high school??? You know your parents aren’t going to stop bugging you about what you’re doing with your life if you don’t go away for some post-secondary training…

Welcome to the best place to make your dreams come true.


I Want to Be a Performer is the only online directory of acting/singing/dancing postsecondary training options in Canada.

It features both full- and part-time training options for programs such as Acting for Film and Television, Musical Theatre, Dance Performance, and much more! Once you’ve found your favourite program, there’s still more exploring to do here, too. Check out the Blog and ShowbiZ tabs for even more resources and articles that were created and compiled just for you.

I Want to be a Performer strives to provide young performers with the training and the community they need to start their career off on the right foot…or maybe their left foot if they’re a leftie.

PS – If you know about a program that’s not in the directory or if there is something on there that shouldn’t be, please do not hesitate to notify us through the contact form. This website was put together by humans, and therefore human mistakes are most definitely present. 

PSS – When it comes to categorizing performing arts training, things get muddy and confusing pretty quickly. Just so you have an idea of the dividing lines used to compile the categories:

  • The training options listed are either intended or appropriate for undergraduates
  • They have an emphasis on performance rather than academic instruction 
  • The full-time program options are a minimum of 6-months full-time, and the part-time programs range from individual coaching options to fully-structured courses.

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