So you’re just finishing high school and you’ve decided to be an actor? A singer? A dancer? All three? Need to go to a post-secondary school to get your parents off your back so they don’t worry that you’re just going to live in their basement for the rest of your life? 

Welcome to the site that was designed to make your life easier.

Instead of wasting days searching through multiple school search engines only to find that many of the available programs aren’t even listed, you can now find a complete list of Canadian programs right here. The training options listed are either intended or appropriate for undergraduates and have an emphasis on performance rather than academic instruction. The full-time program options are a minimum of 6-months full-time and the part-time programs range from individual coaching options to fully-structured courses.

If you know about a program that’s not on the list or if there is something on there that shouldn’t be, please do not hesitate to notify us through the contact form. This website was put together by humans, and therefore mistakes are most definitely present.

Want to make sure you never miss anything good?